How does a wind turbine make electricity?

The wind turns the blades round; this spins the shaft, which connects to a generator. A generator produces electrical energy from mechanical energy.

What size of wind turbine do I need?

This depends on your energy demand. Please calculate your max electric consumption per day. On average, a typical American home would require small turbine with 5kw or 10kw turbine.

What is the average payback period?

The length of the payback period depends on the turbine, the quality of wind at the installation site, prevailing electricity rates, and available financing and incentives.  Depending on these and other factors, the time it takes to fully recover the cost of a small wind turbine can take anywhere from 6 to 30 years.

How are small wind systems maintained?

Routine inspections are performed once every few years of a turbine’s 20+-year lifespan. A professional installer or trained technician (usually the manufacturer or dealer that sold the turbine) maintains the turbine and tower through physical inspections, though some turbines can be monitored remotely from a home computer.

Do I need planning permission?

Small Wind Energy installations may require planning permission and you should always consult the local authority. Overall, national planning policies support the development of small scale Wind Energy.

Are wind turbines noisy?

Our Small Wind Turbines have been designed to be very quiet, for instance by having direct drive systems to avoid gear box noise and to increase efficiency. In general, the wind itself makes more noise than a wind turbine. It is most unlikely that any noise from Small Wind Turbines will be heard at more than 30 m. The noise is in the field around 40-50 dB(A).

7.What kind supports can you provide for on-site installation?

Before installation, we’ll provide all technical manual. Meanwhile we can send the technician to supervise the installation.

8.How can I choose the reasonable system?

If your project is far away from the public grid network, then you can consider off grid system.

If you just hope to reduce the electric rates, then you can consider on grid system.

Except them, we can provide the micro grid/ telecom station and wind solar hybrid system according to different conditions.

9.Maybe I can just purchase some components like blade, inverter, and tower?

Yes, you can. Any related project, welcome share with us.

Except the production, what else can you do?

We can responsible for design, analysis, calculation, installation and service.


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