Intelligent control

RENERGY intelligent control system is an innovated intelligent electrical system, adopting the best wind turbine control technology and combing variable pitch wind turbine characteristics. Main hardware are from best international supplier, have stable running capability and strong anti-interference ability.  The software adopts redundancy control strategy to ensure system running safely and reliably.  System has strong extendibility; it can match with all kinds of famous brand inverter and remote monitor module. It meets client’s requirement of one-stop service.

Intelligent control benefits

Intelligent control benefits

Intelligent protection:

15 edundancy safety protection measurements:

  1. Yawing brake protection for power failure, such as over voltage, over current, over rotating speed, over temperature, low pressure and so on;
  2. sensor failure protection for voltage, current, rotating speed, wind speed, wind direction;
  3. system failure emergency brake protection for yawing and pitch control failure;
  4. protection for “inverter is out of net”; stop at over wind speed; restart function as low wind speed and so on.

User can monitor the wind turbine system by internet or mobile in real time.

wind turbine remote monitoringActive yawing

a.Automatic wind direction founding

b.Automatic untwisting

wind turbine yawing system

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