Off-grid wind solar and diesel hybrid power supply system


Off-grid wind solar and diesel hybrid power supply system 

Working principle of the system:

Wind turbine and solar panel generate electricity, the electricity is charged into the battery group by the charging controller, and then through inverter, the system supply AC power for loads. Diesel generator is used as a back up power, it will start when wind and solar are insufficient, charge into the battery to protect battery.

This system is widely used where there is no power at remote area; In order to reduce energy consumption and environment pollution and save cost, it applies wind and solar power to meet the power use requirements. This system can make full use of the new energy and improve new power efficiency to reduce the diesel consumption and environment pollution and save energy

System configuration:


Technical specification


Wind turbine

RW-5kW variable pitch, DC240V


Tower and accessories

8m, monopole tower


Solar panel and bracket

5kW, nanocrystal


Off-grid wind solar and diesel hybrid controller

5kW wind, 5kW solar, DC240V





Battery and Bracket






System advantages


  1. Reliability

Modularized design; improve the system reliability through redundant design, which guarantees the system can still work when one of subsystems has malfunction.

  1. Good power supply guarantee

Multiple energy complementation; control the rated power to switch diesel for power use when system energy insufficient and meanwhile cut off unnecessary load to enlarge the system power supply time.

  1. High efficiency

Since the primary energy is dubious and limited, the efficiency of the system must be treasured; the system adopts IGBT power modules and PWM control mode to reduce the system energy consumption.

  1. Good scalability

The system uses modular design to guarantee the system scalability; provide the switch to increase system power capacity to make sure the system upgrade

  1. High automation

The whole system application adopts automatic way to control the system and reduce human control, not only to improve the working efficiency, but also increase the system safety and reliability

Application field

Home application, island, small village, small power station, micro grid system, rural domestic, small holdings, agricultural, commercial.

Application case study

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